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All Forever Redwood furniture is made from wood collected from our own forestlands and milled in our own lumber mills. We do it the old fashioned way cutting 2x6's that really are 2 inches by 6 inches instead of the industry standard of 1 1/2 inches by 5 1/4 inches. The extra thickness and girth significantly increases the feel, appearance, sturdiness, and durability of the furniture. This makes for redwood furniture that is beautiful, heavyweight and gives you, your family, and friends a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment.

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ForeverRedwood Creates Old Grow forest

Fog Over the RedwoodsOnce an old-growth forest is cut down can it be recreated? After almost all the large trees are gone and the land is cut up by roads? After the soil is exposed to direct sun and rain and erosion has lowered its productivity? After the streams are filled with sediment and the fish populations plummet? Can the forest really be brought back to anything like it was before?

In 1978, the Redwoods National Park in N. California had a large swath of logged over lands added to the original old-growth park. Congress added the cutover lands with a caveat: All roads should be closed and filled in and the forest had to be restored like the old-growth around it.

With a large budget for restoration, an amazing transformation has taken place over the last 30 years. It is the largest example of full-scale restoration in the Redwoods. It can be done.

Without large budgets, restoration of some or most of the old-growth characteristics of cut over forests can be accomplished in decades—not centuries. Most forests in the U.S. have been cut at least once. For example, 96% of the Redwood forest has been cut.

What We're Doing to Help

Forever Redwood manages 700 acres of average-quality forests that had 95% of the Redwood volume cut in the 60's. By the mid 90's, the forest had too many hardwoods (uncut when the land was harvested) and endless young trees of average to poor quality. Instead of about 80 to 100 trees per acre of all sizes and ages, we inherited over 1,000 mostly small and suppressed trees per acre just waiting for a fire to set them off. Most were dying or going to die from a lack of growing space.

The roads were leaching soil into the streams. Poorly constructed roads were collapsing in the winter storms. You couldn't see a foot in front of you because most trees had grown low lying branches that were in your face. It was the furthest thing from the cathedral-like open spaces under an old-growth forest canopy.

We started in 1995 by thinning out the poorest quality trees and the over-represented tree species (mostly hardwoods and some Douglas-fir). It was an acre by acre "hands-on" thinning from below. A couple chain saws, manual loppers and a pole saw is all we used. We fixed the worst erosion problems by adding lots of natural structure to the soil and thinned most of the lower branches away to lower the fire hazard and open up the understory. It took two men 3 1/2 years working 2 days per week to finish the first 40-acre thinning.

Getting Results

Redwood Trees and Flowers

When complete in 1999, a strong contrast with neighboring parcels was obvious. The neighbors noticed, the government noticed, our friends noticed. We began to receive requests to work on neighboring lands and modest financial offers to help buy nearby parcels and restore them. A portable mill was purchased to mill some of the downed material and a furniture company was born. In the last 9 years we've grown to manage 700 acres and thinned and planted nearly 300 acres to date

It will take another 5 years to complete the first round of thinning and planting on all the acreage. But, the thinned and planted lands are already significantly transformed. If we never did anything else, the forest will grow back to Old-Growth Again with good spacing, significantly restored species composition, improved tree quality, and partially restored soils. The fire hazard has been reduced, wildlife habitat improved, and the forest opened from below and closed from above as it should be. (For example, birds can now fly through the forests where before it was mostly an inpenetrable maze of branches and dying trees).

If the thinning, planting and soil building is repeated two more times over the next couple decades, the forest will return to being multi-canopy and full of large mature trees with the general structure of the prior stand essentially restored. Then the passing decades will add the larger old-growth trees whether or not the land is managed again. And, this is after yielding a modest timber harvest each entry to help pay for the restoration!

It doesn't take a lot of money to restore forestland if you are willing to do the work yourself. It does take a lifelong commitment to getting it done in balance with nature. If you own a few acres and want to spruce them up a bit or restore them fully, take a look at the links below.

This first link shows a typical regenerating young Redwood grove 30 years after heavy logging both before and after being thinned. The work in the "after" photo was done by one person in one full day with a chainsaw and a pole saw. A lot can be done on any forestland if the owners want to put the time and energy into it: http://www.foreverredwood.com/befaft.html

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Receiving Furniture Cross-Country Made Simple

We ship our furniture across the country ever day!Yes, you can have large wood furniture items shipped cross-country (or across the oceans) to your door without a glitch. We do it every day. Since 1995, Forever Redwood has shipped thousands of items of all sizes all over the US, Canada, and occasionally Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our shipping partners (Fed Ex, UPS, YellowFreight and other LTL carriers) are fast and reliable. In the rare case something gets dinked, we remake replacement parts at no cost and ship within a week.

If you order Forever Redwood furniture, you will never receive boxes full of hundreds of parts to decipher. All small items ship fully assembled (that includes Planter Boxes up to 1' W x 1' H up to 8' L, Swing Seats, Mini & Tiny Foot Stools, all the folding items, etc.). For larger items, we design to minimize re-assembly (ship many sections already assembled). For example, Dining Chairs usually ship in 4 to 6 parts—just enough to limit the size of the packaging and keep shipping costs down. Even many large items are less than 10 parts, for example, the 8 ft Patio Table ships in 8 parts.

If you're curious how an item is re-assembled, download the PDF instructions for it at: www.foreverredwood.com/assembly.html

A 20-Foot Pergola Crated and Ready to Go! Small orders usually ship Fed Ex Ground. Large items (like picnic tables, swing sets or pergolas) ship in a crate with padded boxes strapped in it via LTL carriers like FedEx Freight or UPS Freight. Once your crate arrives at the distribution center near you, you'll be called to set up a convenient time to deliver. Crates are dropped off on your driveway. Then, you can unscrew the crate and move the individual boxes easily (no box weighs over 90 lbs). We ship from San Diego, CA. If you live in CA, we can assemble your order for a small extra charge.

Our trucks are loaded with furniture ready to deliver to you within California!

When your order ships, you'll receive tracking information by email to know when its arriving. Most of the year, we ship in 2 to 3 weeks. From May thru July, our busiest time, we usually fall behind a bit and ship in 4 to 5 weeks. If you need something in days, we can have a couple carpenters come in at night and build your order as a Rush Order to ship in 1 week. There is a surcharge for Rush Orders to pay for the overtime.

Forever Redwood operates an old-fashioned woodworking shop. Every item is made by hand to the highest standards and can be customized to meet you spatial or creative needs. Old-fashioned hand-building is becoming a lost art. Even though we may be far away, consider us your personal woodworking shop. If it's made of wood, odds are we can do it.

To save 15% on your next order, type "RIO" in the coupon code box in your shopping cart. The RIO code is valid with any order. (If ordering by phone, just mention the code.) Free Shipping is also available in the Continental U.S for orders over $500. If your order total is less than $500, you can take advantage of 30-50% discounted shipping rates, including to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Shipping to other countries is available. We also offer Priority and Rush Shipping if you need your furniture delivered quickly. Finally, an additional 5% discount automatically applies to larger orders, over $7,500.

Also Check $800 and instruction to use here

Buy Redwood Furniture At Foreverredwood.com with coupon

As the kids are getting older, I love playing with them in the yard more than ever. Being Forever Redwood's founder has one great perk—my yard is littered with loungers, swings, benches, planters, a sandbox, a gazebo, and a few pieces that never made the "cut" onto our website.

Regardless of wood grade, after a few years, the surface color tells the story of daily battles with rain, sun, and the birds (they love to bomb my table in particular...). While sitting in our garden swing yesterday with 11-month-old Norma Mia in my arms, I figured there were some Forever Redwood owners experiencing the same "I wish the stuff looked as good as it did back when..." thoughts.

Redwood is almost decay proof. It doesn't need our help to last for decades. But, if your eyes don't like the changing tones or the stains, there are quick solutions to bring back the original surface beauty completely or partially in minutes. The details are on our Finish Options and Furniture Care page:

When I bring out the power washer, the kids love the noise and the water. Especially the instant rain feature by shooting it straight up in the air.

2-Year-Old Raul enjoying the very first Kid's Rocking Chair
My son Raul Angel when he was 2 enjoying the very first Kid's Rocking Chair.

9-Month-Old Norma enjoying the Toddler/Small Kid's Swing Seat
My daughter Norma at 9 months in the Toddler/Small Kid's Swing Seat.

To save 15% on your next order, type "RIO" in the coupon code box in your shopping cart. The RIO code is valid with any order. (If ordering by phone, just mention the code.) Free Shipping is also available in the Continental U.S for orders over $500. If your order total is less than $500, you can take advantage of 30-50% discounted shipping rates, including to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Shipping to other countries is available. We also offer Priority and Rush Shipping if you need your furniture delivered quickly. Finally, an additional 5% discount automatically applies to larger orders, over $7,500.

Thank you for your continuing support and interest in Forever Redwood. As always, comments and questions are welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you anytime. Email me at raul@foreverredwood.com and I'll get right back to you.

From the forest, for the forest—
Raul F. Hernandez, CEO
Forever Redwood Furniture from Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry

PS. Be sure to check out my blog, where I post Forever Redwood news, stories, photos, and updates from the forest.

Restoring logged forests back to Old-Growth Again. Forever Redwood furniture sales fund our forest restoration work.

Forever Redwood for the Holidays

thinking about the holidays and rushed to order a few gifts. Working at Forever Redwood allows me to build beautiful personalized gifts from our shop at a discount. I just have to plan ahead until there is space in our busy production queue. Being mid-November, time is thin to get the wish list done and shipped (2 building block sets, 2 shower benches, a mini-foot stool and a disk swing). I really enjoy engraving personal messages on the gifts. The engraving makes it special and not "off-the-shelf."

After typing in the order, I thought there is still time to offer our customers the same opportunity to also get a few personalized gifts built at a discount. Here's what we can do with the limited time left....

How to Save Money While Giving Unique & Beautiful Gifts

You can use our 15% off coupon code (type "RIO" in the coupon box), plus we can add free engraving on any holiday gift. We've added a photo of the building block kit to show the typical engraving we do. But, you're the artist—just let us know what you want us to engrave. To get your order out on time, please order no later than Sunday, November 29th.

The kids enjoy building tall block towers. But, what they REALLY like is knocking them down and making a racket! The disk swing is great if you have a large tree to hang it from and the shower benches can be made any size to fit almost anyone's shower. The mini foot stool is made in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood (from all the other wood grades combined) and shows the engraving option also. The mini foot stool is very useful and sturdy. The kids sit on and use it to climb into trouble. I use it to get to the top of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Free Engraving for All, Free Shipping on Larger Orders...

I mention my choices because they are affordable and useful gifts, but you can choose anything you like. Our shopping cart is not set up to do free engraving and it would take too long to program it in. So, to make it easy, just type FREE ENGRAVING OFFER in the special instructions box, where you can also type in the message you'd like engraved. And, lastly, if you get carried away and order over $1,000 worth of items, shipping is on us anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Happy Holidays. Thank you for your continuing support over the years. Our next newsletter will be focusing on our forestry work and updating everyone on what has been accomplished since the 1990s.

Kid's 12-Inch Disk Swing Seat
Fun in the snow swinging on a Kid's Disk Swing (adult versions available too, for the young at heart).

Mini Foot Stool in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood
Mini Foot Stool in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood wood grade.

Little Raulito with a Kid's Building Block Set
A classic building block set makes the perfect children's gift.

Lighthouse Shower Bench
The Lighthouse Shower & Spa Bench also makes an attractive and affordable holiday gift—I'm giving a couple myself.

Get Ahead in This Competitive Market with This Office Furniture in Greece Report

Research and Markets

Laura Wood, Senior Manager


U.S. Fax: 646-607-1907

Fax (outside U.S.): +353-1-481-1716

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/85a604/office_furniture_i) has announced the addition of ICAP Group's new report "Office Furniture in Greece 2008" to their offering.

This study considers the office furniture sector (offices, chairs, cabinets-bookcases-pedestals, partitions). However, office partitions made with dry wall systems (gypsum boards), as well as school chairs, are not assessed in this particular study.

The office furniture market is a rather competitive one. Sector companies, in order to meet the increased needs of modern office spaces, sell products which are constantly changing and improving from an aesthetic and technological point of view, providing new solutions every time.

Imported products are increasing in relation to domestically-produced ones. The office furniture sectors key characteristic is the existence of a great amount of small and medium-sized companies and relatively few large companies which, however, are the ones dominating the market. This creates a highly competitive situation in which big sector companies are striving to change and innovate all the time, in order to maintain or expand their market share.

The increase in imported furniture is rather evident in the category of office chairs, which entail a much higher labor cost and in which countries with a low labor cost have an advantage. As for office partitions, they are frequently used and can be combined with other office furniture according to the users demands, offering an easy solution that can have multiple uses.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Summary

1.1 Demand

1.2 Supply

1.3 The Market

2. Sector Companies and Analysis of their Financial Data

2.1 Sales of Office Furniture Manufacturers

2.2 Financial Analysis of Manufacturers

2.3 Sales of Importers

2.4 Financial Analysis of Importers

3. Conclusions and Prospects for the Sector

Products Mentioned:

-- Desks

-- Office chairs

-- Seminar-collaboration chairs

-- Working chairs

-- Armchairs

-- Waiting room sofas

-- Movie-theatre seats

-- Amphitheater seats

How to take care of your outdoor furniture?

Taking care of outdoor furniture as days get colder and wetter can be an easy task.

Haul all the pieces inside to that spot where they can avoid the onslaught of ice and cold.

But furniture dealers and makers, as well as professional organizers, know having an indoor home for that 6-foot-long, stone-top table or cast-aluminum chaise is not likely to happen.

Proper care is going to involve some time, effort and even wisdom in choosing the place.

"For this area, cast aluminum is just about the best stuff you can buy," says Marcie Buckiso from the Fireplace & Patioplace in Mt. Lebanon. "It never rusts, it has a fantastic paint surface and it has some weight to it so it doesn't blow around."

She says a four-piece table and chairs might cost about $1,599, but could be a long-lasting, cost-effective purchase.

Indoor storage would be the most-effective solution, but it is one few people have. Meredith Shuster, owner of a professional organizing firm in Wexford, Within Reach Solutions, suggests it could be worthwhile for several neighbors to jointly rent a storage unit to take care of that.

But whether it is cast aluminum, its tubular cousin, wicker, teak, stone or steel, care requires specifically aimed plans.

A flood of problems

Water always is an issue -- outside, on top or even inside furniture.

Debbie Rushin, co-owner of Cheswick Pools & Patios, says it is important to keep tubular furniture in its normal upright position to take advantage of drain holes.

Water is likely to get into the tubes because they are not firmly sealed, but drain holes allow it to escape. If the furniture is stored on its edge or upside down, or chairs stacked on top of the table, that water can be trapped, freeze and cause the tubes to "burst like a pipe," she says.

While cast aluminum is strong and can fight off most weather woes, it does have microscopic pores that can admit small amounts of water, says Fred Ilse, president of the North Carolina-based Outdoor Lifestyle furniture company. If that surface is not painted or sealed in some other way, that moisture can freeze and cause the tubes to swell, ruining the surface.

He and Buckiso strongly recommend caring for cast aluminum furniture with metal paint to keep up the appearance -- and keep the pores sealed.

Water can create a different kind of problem with cushions.

Buckiso says cushions will absorb some moisture even if they don't seem wet. If they are put away in some seemingly protective covering, mildew can set in.

"When you go to get them in the spring, you could have a real mess," she says.

But organizer Shuster and retailer Rushin point out the importance of using water -- for cleaning -- on those cushions before they are stacked in a ventilated area.

Shuster suggests a cleanser of a half-cup of non-chlorinated bleach mixed with five gallons of water. She suggests then topping that with a commercial material protectant.

Linseed oil also is a good cleaning tool, she says, particularly for rattan wicker furniture, but she warns that it is an oil and flammable. Any cloths with linseed on them should be heavily rinsed and then wrapped to avoid contact with anything else.

Water also plays a big role with stone-top tables. Water can seep through small cracks, freeze and cause bigger cracks, just as it does on highways, Ilse says. He and Rushin say few people are going to carry their table indoors because they can weigh 250 pounds and few homes have the space for them.

So the best thing to do is clean them and cover them, but make sure to put 2- by 4-inch pieces of wood under the cover to allow air flow and get that moisture to dry before it freezes.

But the key to stone-top tables is sealing the surface once a year.

That process can only take an hour or so, they say, but sometimes requires a good two-day stretch, one to do the work and another to let the surface cure.

"Sometimes you have to wait for a good weekend forecast," Ilse says.

Other forms of care

Like materials and pieces require similar approaches.

Shuster says umbrellas demand a treatment much like that for cushions: cleaning, perhaps with trisodium phosphate, taking them to what Ilse call's a "bone dry" state, then folding and storing in a ventilated area to eliminate the chance of mildew.

Steel furniture is like stone-top in its weight and size, Buckiso says, so generally does not come inside. The best thing is to clean the surfaces, sand rough spots, paint with an outdoor paint and cover.

Covers naturally have a vital role.

Rushin suggests high-grade vinyl is the best because it is waterproof, but she points to the air-flow issue Ilse discusses.

Microfibers are very good, and breathable, but if snow and ice sit on them, they can let water seep through.

Buckiso suggests a "material quality" covering, which is cloth-like and synthetic, is better. She points to one that is waterproof, breathable and machine-washable, selling for about $30 for a chair and $77 for a sofa.

The easy way out

One way to handle cold-weather care for outdoor furniture is to avoid it entirely.

That is possible with some materials.

"If you are lazy like me, teak is the ultimate furniture material," says Jennifer Mulholland, director of sales and marketing for Rockwood Casual Furniture in Toronto, Canada.

Bill Reese, owner of Creekside Landscape Supply in Greensburg, says that is exactly why he carries only a line of furniture made from recycled milk jugs.

"We had to find this product at the urging of the consumers," he says.

Mulholland says the best way to handle teak is to "do nothing. It has been used on boats for hundreds of years, and sailors have come to recognize is stands up to weather, cold, salt water, sunlight, everything."

Of course, one issue that must be considered is that weathered teak turns gray, she says. If that is not wanted, it should be washed off and treated with a teak sealant, which she calls "suntan lotion."

So a little work might be necessary.

Marcie Buckiso from Fireplace & Patioplace in Mt. Lebanon agrees with Mulholland about the strength of teak, but they both point out only good teak is that strong. They both warn against lower-quality wood that will not stand up to weather. Going for good quality can have a price connected to it, Buckiso says. A four-chair dining set in the top of the line could cost $5,000, she says.

That is not a problem with the man-made items at Creekside, and that is another reason for its popularity. An Adirondack chair would cost $277, Reese says, but will be easy to care for.

"You don't even have to cover it," he says. "When the spring comes, wipe it off and you are ready to go."