Gorgeous Outdoor Redwood Furniture that Lasts Forever & Helps Save Forests

When being ecologically sound is as important to you as good looks and durability, the Forever Redwood collection delivers. Through a heritage of seasoned workmanship, we offer an extensive selection of solid wooden picnic tables, benches, chaise loungers, planter boxes, swings and gliders, gazebos, pergolas, and much more -- all guaranteed never to rot or decay.
All Forever Redwood furniture is made from wood collected from our own forestlands and milled by hand. We do it the old fashioned way cutting 2x6's that really are 2 inches by 6 inches. The extra thickness and girth significantly increases the feel, appearance, sturdiness, and durability of our furniture. This makes for redwood furniture that is beautiful, heavyweight and gives you, your family, and friends a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment. And feel good knowing that your purchase helps fund forest restoration.

Forever Redwood? With Best Coupon?

We have been shipping our "Forever Redwood" outdoor furniture sets to the toughest climates in the U.S. and Canada for over a decade now. We offer decay warranties of up to 30 years on the entire line regardless of how harsh the outdoor weather is. No other outdoor furniture line has warranties like it.

We are often asked if our sets will really hold up that long. They will. And, with a bit of tlc, they'll last much longer.

Because of the quality workmanship and materials used, Forever Redwood sets are a bit more upfront than most of our competitors. But, you save money by NEVER having to replace them. Besides some surface fading, you can expect your Forever set to last for decades without maintenance. And, if you ever have a problem with a Forever Redwood product (like a tree falling on it...), just contact us and we'll ship replacement parts to you at minimal cost.

There are 3 reasons we confidently offer the long decay warranties. First, Redwood is extremely decay resistant. Second, Forever Redwood is built the old-fashioned way using thick-timbers that are no longer available in the marketplace. And, lastly, Forever Redwood is fastened with Stainless Steel hardware.

Combining generous amounts of the highest quality lumber with the best hardware insures your furniture will last decades in any outdoor weather. Yes, Chicago winters, Florida's summers, Arizona's 110 degree dry heat or the stormy high and dry Colorado Rockies.

To read more about our forestry practices, please go to:
To read more about our four grades of wood, please go to:

If your planning a purchase, remember to use the 10% off coupon code "MIA" to save 10% on your entire order. Just enter the code in the coupon code box at checkout or mention the code if you prefer to call in.
As always, comments and questions are welcomed. Thank you for your interest in Forever Redwood.
For the woods, from the woods,
Raul Hernandez, CEO
Forever Redwood from Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry
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Restoring logged forests back to Old-Growth Again. Forever Redwood furniture sales fund the restoration.

Forever Redwood's first ever 25% off inventory sale

Happy Father's day! Summer is my favorite time. All 4 kids I had the fortune to father were born in summer. Summer is full of enjoyable family and friend gatherings. Norma Mia, my lovely daughter, just had her first birthday party yesterday. With a gathering looming, I borrowed some tables, benches & chairs from our finished inventory at the shop. I saved some $ by not renting and used the furniture I enjoy instead of the plastic rental junk.

While breaking down the sets this am, I figured some of our customers and supporters are doing or planning similar gatherings. With summer here, you may not have time to order new items and wait 4 to 5 weeks to receive them. We do Rush Orders, but they cost extra to cover night shifts to build, etc. But, if you could use something we have in inventory right now, we can ship it out in a few days and you'd have it in time for the July 4th weekend coming up...

So, I went thru the inventory and included anything we have at least 2 sets available right now. Below is a list of some popular items at 25% off available on a first come first serve basis. Its a short list of some popular items in specific wood grades.

If you'd like any items lin the list below, click the link,then click the add to cart button and choose the options you'd like. When checking out, please write "inventory item order" in the comment section. We won't charge your card until we've emailed back and confirmed it is still in stock along with the adjusted 25% off pricing and the ship out date. And, yes - you'll have it at your doorstep in 10 days or less (continental U.S. only - allow a bit more time for orders to Canada or Alaska & Hawaii). To allow for transit times to get the sets to you before 4th, please order no later than Wednesday evening the 24th.

Lighthouse benches: :
4 - Lighthouse benches - 48" L x 21" W x 18" H - mature redwood - 4 ft
9 - Lighthouse benches - 60" L x 21" W x 18" H - young redwood - 5 ft
9 - Lighthouse benches - 72" L x 21" W x 18" H - young redwood - 6 ft

Adirondack chairs & vignette settees:
9 - Adirondack chairs - standard seat design - old growth redwood
2 - Adirondack chairs - standard seat design - mature redwood
14 - Adirondack chairs - standard seat design - young redwood
5 - Adirondack chairs XW - standard seat design - mature redwood
11 - Adirondack chairs XW - standard seat design - young redwood
2 - Adirondack Vignette Settees- mature redwood

Picnic table benches:
12 - Picnic table benches - 4 ft - mature redwood

Square Planters:
20 - Heavy duty planters - 24 inch square, vertical slats - mature redwood
2 - Heavy duty planters - 24 inch square, vertical slats - young redwood

Folding picnic table sets (can be purchased as sets or just table or just benches):
9 - Folding picnic table sets - 6 ft long with 2 benches- all boards in one direction - young redwood
11 - Folding picnic table benches - 6 ft long - boards in one direction - young redwood

If you are not in a hurry and can wait 4 weeks, you can order anything from our entire collection at 15% off. Please use the 15% off, "Sky" coupon code at checkout or mention it when you ring.