Forever Redwood for the Holidays

thinking about the holidays and rushed to order a few gifts. Working at Forever Redwood allows me to build beautiful personalized gifts from our shop at a discount. I just have to plan ahead until there is space in our busy production queue. Being mid-November, time is thin to get the wish list done and shipped (2 building block sets, 2 shower benches, a mini-foot stool and a disk swing). I really enjoy engraving personal messages on the gifts. The engraving makes it special and not "off-the-shelf."

After typing in the order, I thought there is still time to offer our customers the same opportunity to also get a few personalized gifts built at a discount. Here's what we can do with the limited time left....

How to Save Money While Giving Unique & Beautiful Gifts

You can use our 15% off coupon code (type "RIO" in the coupon box), plus we can add free engraving on any holiday gift. We've added a photo of the building block kit to show the typical engraving we do. But, you're the artist—just let us know what you want us to engrave. To get your order out on time, please order no later than Sunday, November 29th.

The kids enjoy building tall block towers. But, what they REALLY like is knocking them down and making a racket! The disk swing is great if you have a large tree to hang it from and the shower benches can be made any size to fit almost anyone's shower. The mini foot stool is made in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood (from all the other wood grades combined) and shows the engraving option also. The mini foot stool is very useful and sturdy. The kids sit on and use it to climb into trouble. I use it to get to the top of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Free Engraving for All, Free Shipping on Larger Orders...

I mention my choices because they are affordable and useful gifts, but you can choose anything you like. Our shopping cart is not set up to do free engraving and it would take too long to program it in. So, to make it easy, just type FREE ENGRAVING OFFER in the special instructions box, where you can also type in the message you'd like engraved. And, lastly, if you get carried away and order over $1,000 worth of items, shipping is on us anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Happy Holidays. Thank you for your continuing support over the years. Our next newsletter will be focusing on our forestry work and updating everyone on what has been accomplished since the 1990s.

Kid's 12-Inch Disk Swing Seat
Fun in the snow swinging on a Kid's Disk Swing (adult versions available too, for the young at heart).

Mini Foot Stool in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood
Mini Foot Stool in our new Mosaic Eco-Wood wood grade.

Little Raulito with a Kid's Building Block Set
A classic building block set makes the perfect children's gift.

Lighthouse Shower Bench
The Lighthouse Shower & Spa Bench also makes an attractive and affordable holiday gift—I'm giving a couple myself.