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As the kids are getting older, I love playing with them in the yard more than ever. Being Forever Redwood's founder has one great perk—my yard is littered with loungers, swings, benches, planters, a sandbox, a gazebo, and a few pieces that never made the "cut" onto our website.

Regardless of wood grade, after a few years, the surface color tells the story of daily battles with rain, sun, and the birds (they love to bomb my table in particular...). While sitting in our garden swing yesterday with 11-month-old Norma Mia in my arms, I figured there were some Forever Redwood owners experiencing the same "I wish the stuff looked as good as it did back when..." thoughts.

Redwood is almost decay proof. It doesn't need our help to last for decades. But, if your eyes don't like the changing tones or the stains, there are quick solutions to bring back the original surface beauty completely or partially in minutes. The details are on our Finish Options and Furniture Care page:

When I bring out the power washer, the kids love the noise and the water. Especially the instant rain feature by shooting it straight up in the air.

2-Year-Old Raul enjoying the very first Kid's Rocking Chair
My son Raul Angel when he was 2 enjoying the very first Kid's Rocking Chair.

9-Month-Old Norma enjoying the Toddler/Small Kid's Swing Seat
My daughter Norma at 9 months in the Toddler/Small Kid's Swing Seat.

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From the forest, for the forest—
Raul F. Hernandez, CEO
Forever Redwood Furniture from Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry

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