Prime L.A.; designer8* Event Furniture Rental Extends Future with PRIME L.A. as Agency of Record to Manage and Promote the Launch of d8*s Newest Divis

2009 JUN 21 - ( -- designer8* Event Furniture Rental d8*, known for furnishing luxurious parties and star-studded events, announces the opening of its latest division, designer8* Studio Rental (www.designer8*, a fresh, innovating enterprise bringing what professionals have long been looking for - unique and exclusive furniture, table-top decor and a host of accessories under one roof. Never before has this been possible for production designers, art directors, set decorators, film and television productions, interior designers, still photographers to have this available, until now.

What separates the companies in a crowded marketplace is a 100% customized design model and the incredibly fast turn-around time. designer8* Studio Rental has listened to what the needs are of the industry and have now created a "one-stop shopping" experience for the studios. Everything from modern, traditional, outdoor, china, linens, tables, tents, bookcases and so much more can be found.

Samantha Sackler, president, d8* Furniture Rental/ Studio Rental, said PRIME L.A. was the ideal choice based on their successful track record in promoting its other companies. "I reviewed the agency's past performance and felt their multi-tiered strategy was something we would continue to benefit from."

PRIME L.A., PLA, duties will consist of managing all public relations activities, including broadening public awareness and increasing overall visibility of designer8* Studio Rental and the distinctive collection of high-quality items available for any type of production - from back of house to front of house.

Suzi Bruno, president of PRIME L.A., says they're prepared to utilize their vast media expertise to proactively manage the companies. "This is another welcomed challenge, and we look forward to extending a successful partnership."

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