Save the Redwoods League; Save the Redwoods League Urges Quick Action to Save Redwoods and California State Parks

2009 JUN 20 - ( -- "With only 5 percent of the world's ancient redwood forest left standing, California State Parks create irreplaceable opportunities for people of all ages to experience the awe and majesty of the world's tallest trees," said Ruskin Hartley, executive director of Save the Redwoods League. "These parks are a vital source of enjoyment, education and inspiration for current and future generations."

"The Governor's proposal to eliminate public funding for California State Parks -- and effectively close 80 percent of parks -- would have devastating consequences on Californians' access to redwood forests," said Hartley. "The proposal would require the closure of 60 of 61 parks that are home to redwoods -- including towering stands of ancient redwood forest."

California State Parks also contribute to local economies. In Sonoma alone, redwoods drive nearly 1 million visitors to the county each year. The closure of Armstrong Redwoods State Park would result in an economic loss to Sonoma County between $51 and $78 million annually, according to a 2008 assessment by the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods. At the state level, studies have shown that every $1 that funds the state park system returns $2.35 to the General Fund, largely through economic activity in communities surrounding state parks.

"We are all lucky to benefit from the work of Save the Redwoods League's founding leaders and park partners that created the state park legacy we know today," said Hartley. "This legacy is one that is now sustained by volunteers, philanthropists, park visitors, voters and all Californians who support their parks. It is not a legacy that the Governor or the Legislature should undo. It is now more important than ever that Californians and our State Legislature work together to save our state parks."

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