sneak preview of new forestry video

on this beautiful summer morning. The kids are making a delightful wet mess next to me in the kiddie pool as I am watching our new 7 minute forestry video. I think its the best work we've done to explain what we are about and I couldn't wait another minute to share it with our friends and supporters. So, with water darting about me, I took the plunge to somehow type this email. First, one more quick thanks to everyone for their input and patience while we've worked thru our backlog of orders this summer. We're still finishing up some old orders, but we'll be back to a three week turnaround for new orders by the second week in September. Finally...

The 20% off "Take Your Time Sale" has been a big hit. But, like all good things, it will end Thursday, Sept. 3rd. Also, because of your feedback, we added a 50% off shipping option if you choose to wait 6 weeks before we ship your order instead of the standard 3 weeks. The good news is you can double up and use both the discounted shipping and the 20% off discount. Its the best deal we've had in years and a good way for us to not get overwhelmed with 3-week ship out orders now.

The new video (last forestry video was in 2002) is going live on the website soon. But, while the kids were soaking me, the thought occurred to me to send it to our friends and supporters to see it before the general public. Please email me and let me know what you think. The YouTube link to the video is:

To take advantage of the sale, just type "TAKEYOURTIME" in the coupon code box at checkout (or mention it when you call in) and choose the 50% off shipping option to maximize your saving. Or you can see this coupon instruction page to see if there's any other coupon that should suite your orders.
As always, if you have questions or comments, just hit the reply button. Would love to hear from you anytime.
Thanks again for your continuing support.
From the forest, for the forest,

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